A Community For Live Music Lovers

Founded in 2015, Front Porch Concerts is a pop-up concert series set on front porches throughout Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods. Our goal is to create a unique live music experience while building community and promoting city exploration.

According to its definition, a front porch is a structure attached to the entrance of a house, but we see it as much more than that. It is a private space that is open to the community. It is a spot for spontaneous gatherings, playing music, sharing stories and creating connections. We chose the front porch as our venue because it’s a place that simply brings people together.

Our concerts are a space for discovery, whether that’s discovering your new favorite local musician or the best slice of pie from a local business near the concert. We love the diverse talent within Chicago’s music scene and welcome local artists to perform in an intimate setting to share their music with more people. With our concerts, we hope to strengthen Chicago’s communities and bring some small town charm to the windy city.


“There are so many reasons to host a Front Porch Concert. Aside from the obvious, great music right in your own yard! The truly best part about being a front porch concert host was creating a reason for my neighbors to actually meet and relax together! We’ve seen them for years, but never done anything more together than say “hello”. Hosting is like creating a Ravinia like experience right at home for your friends and neighbors! Bring the wine and snacks outside”- Rob, Portage Park

We could not be more enthusiastic about the Front Porch Concert Series. We have both hosted and attended concerts in the community. These are fun, community building events that give an opportunity to finally talk with the familiar faces you often see walking through the neighborhood. As a host, Front Porch Concerts made it very easy to coordinate with the very talented musicians to put on a stress free, entertaining show. Please support this organization, as they have uncovered a great way to build community with music. It’s a great way to get your neighbors, friends and family out of the backyard and into the front yard.” – Nick and Jen Dinham, Irving Park